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Get To Know Global Sevilla School, An International School With Balanced Education

by 8qmaf
Get To Know Global Sevilla School, An International School With Balanced Education

When talking about choosing the best education institution, then parents got a lot of options. Especially in the capital city of Jakarta, in which education becomes one of the vital requirements to get a better life. But education is not only about score and degree. This idea is implemented in Global Sevilla, one of the prestigious international school in Jakarta. Here is what you should know.


Who Is Global Sevilla

The name of Global Sevilla is pretty much one of the international schools that offer ranges of a balanced education. When it comes to the education standard, the school proposes the usage of international curricula from Cambridge and fieldwork education. The school also provide education level from kindergarten level to high school.


The Mission

One thing that makes global Sevilla stand out is the mission its bore. The school’s mission is to become the best educational institution that is acknowledged for its learning, teaching, and character. Global Sevilla will nurture and guide the global student to get the best learning outcome and continues the study on worldwide schools.

But the international school in Jakarta pursues that mission with its balanced education principle. What it is about? One thing for sure, the school keeps an eye on the student’s development both academically, mentally, and personally. The school giving three unique approaches, which as character building, mindfulness, and teaching values to succeed in the mission.


Character Building

Character building means helping students to develop their character and become better people. The school believes in a positive character will come along with a positive academic result. At the same time, the guidance for character building is also meant to help students understand their skills, characteristics, abilities, and potential.



Mindfulness is one of the prides of Global Sevilla school. The approach underlines the importance of well-being and student’s mental attitude. Reducing students’ anxiety, stress, and calming their issues is the main purpose of mindfulness. It helps in improving and developing personal behavior and academic outcome.



The global Sevilla international school in Jakarta also implement three central values of life to help students adapt to the community. The values are giving compassion and self-control. The student will learn to be generous and helpful. They also learned to be genuine, kind, and understanding how to control their emotion, behavior, or thought.

All in all, the huge number of international schools in Jakarta explains how important global education is. However, Global Sevilla School offers more than international education standards. It also includes character building, mindfulness, and values for the students. The implementation helps in providing balanced education both for academics and characteristics.

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